Monk's Music

Side A
1. Abide with me (T.Monk)
2. Well you needn't (T.Monk)
3. Ruby my dear (T.Monk)

Side B
4. Off minor (T.Monk)
5. Epistrophy (T.Monk)
6. Crepuscule with Nellie (T.Monk)

Ray Copeland (tp) Gigi Gryce (as)
Coleman Hawkins and John Coltrane (ts)
Thelonius Monk (p) Wilbur Ware (b)
Art Blakey (dr)
Ray Copeland (A1,2 + B), Gigi Gryce (A 1,2 + B)
Coleman Hawkins (A + B), John Coltrane (A1,2 + B)
Thelonius Monk (A2+B), Wilbure Ware (A2,3 + B)
Art Blakey (A2,3 + B)
Abide with me is played by trumpet and saxes only,
 Ruby my dear by Hawkins and rhythm only.

Recorded June 27, 1957 N.Y.

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