Well ... You probably never heard about this guy if you are not a big lenny kravitz fan. I know many people who don't like lenny for many (stupid!) reasons ( influences, copy, jealous! ), but all these people who have seen lenny in concert told me that they never saw a great show as lenny's one.

Craig write me, so now, i have some informations about him ! . He's 33 and he grew up in Los Angeles and played in the clubs there for about 10 years. He also had a band called 
Broken Homes who made three records for MCA in the 80's. He met Lenny in '91 at a pool hall in L.A. a week before his Mama Said tour and have been with him ever since.
He plays all kinds of guitars, mostly Fenders (teles, strats) and Gibsons(Les Paul). Right now He's very into a '55 telecaster. As far as a top 10 of his favorite records will be hard to do but he said he would include : Exile on Main Street, Electric Ladyland, Band of Gypsies, Blue(Joni Mitchell), Sgt. Pepper, Revolver, Hot Buttered Soul, Meddle (pink floyd),
Innervisions, Funk Power (James Brown and JBs), Young Gifted & Black ( Aretha Franklin ) and of course many more, too many to mention. 

Lenny can only do all that great extended version ( exemple : always on the run studio version is about 3 minutes and the live version sometimes 20 minutes ! same thing for sister, tunnel vision etc... ) just because of the great musicians who appear on the stage with him. Georges Laks on Keyboard is fantastic, Michael Hunter on trumpet and Harold Todd on flute & saxophone are amazing, the incredible cindy blackman on drums and the great Jack Daley on bass.

But the most unbelievable musician on the stage is not Lenny or Cindy but Craig !!. Craig is the lead guitar player of the lenny kravitz band since the tour 91. Lenny met him one day and the feeling between us was instantaneous. They began the Mama said tour with him and since 8 years, Craig did many guitar solo, improvisation, and improved all the song. They don't have to talk together, they feel the music in the same way.

After the Mama said tour, Craig & Lenny went into studio to wrote the great are you gonna go my way album. and surprise on the booklet. We can see that Craig wrote the music of some tracks. and what tracks! Are you gonna go my way was the first, it's Craig who wrote the music for this one, the repetitive rif of this song and the solo. Same thing for is there any love in your heart and my love. Also Craig  played on all the tracks except heaven help and Just be a woman.

The 93 tour was amazing. Because lenny love his musicians. They are not simply musicians but friends, all of them can do solo and show to the public how great they are!. We can see a great friendship between lenny & craig and many respect. Craig isn't a simply guitar player who is at the bottom of the scene. Craig ( and all the musicians ) is an actor of the show. It's not only Lenny on stage, the star is the band. On this tour, they do many more extended version, long jam, solo guitar, trumpet, saxophone, organ, drums etc... Craig is so unbelievable. Lenny know that and that's why he sounds like this in concert.

In 1994, the entire world was given the chance to see Craig & Lenny on the famous MTV unplugged.

In 1995, they returned into studio and wrote the songs from the Circus LP. Craig co-wrote beyong the 7th sky, Thin Ice, In my life today, and The resurrection. And he played on the others except for the song where lenny did all on them ! ( tunnel vision / rock & roll is dead ). Great Album but too great for the stupid critics!

The 95-96 Tour was great like others with amazing version of tunnel vision. They continued to perform different versions of songs. They can do the same song in many different styles and jam on it since the end of time!

In 1998, Lenny released the great 5 album. Craig co-wrote only the tracks live but played mini moog, guitar acoustic, electric, Rythm guitar and ... the green heineken bottles ( on thinking of you , the tribute to lenny's mum ).

The 98-99 tour is really unbelievable. Lenny sounds better each time. Craig sounds better ALL time! And the band rulez!.

In fact, i don't know many thing about Craig ross, except that it's a great guitar player. I met him in Paris ahead of the "Queen" on the elysian fields. I talked to him and he gave me an autograph. Great guy and very cool. I hope he will write me one day and that i can speak with him by email like I do with some artists ( crustation, pooka and the great Lauren Hoffman )


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