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Posted: Wed 02 Jun 2004, 01h06
by lenny
If you love the site and wanna give some euros. You can. And it will be useful.

Click on the logo make a donations on the main lyrics page.

Also, if you know or are a millionaire, well gimme some cash be cool !

Posted: Wed 24 Nov 2004, 20h27
by lenny
Someone told me the paypal page was in french. I fix the problem. Now it's ok !

Maybe it's the reason I never had donations since 6 months héhé :)

Posted: Fri 23 Jun 2006, 21h52
by duckychic
lol if i was rich i'd send but i'm not as a matter of fact i'm tryin to get a second job .... sorry no help from me yet

Posted: Fri 23 Jun 2006, 23h00
by lenny
Welcome ducky ! And don't worry. If a millionary girl can reach this site it would be so great ;)

Posted: Mon 26 Jun 2006, 22h32
by piccolina
I'm sorry lenny, I'm not rich too

oh, and I have one question
how can I set avatar?

Posted: Mon 26 Jun 2006, 22h36
by lenny
On your profile.

Posted: Mon 26 Jun 2006, 22h53
by piccolina
thank you
I've already done :)

Posted: Thu 09 Nov 2006, 14h38
by langlangandfoxkid
sustain u all the time