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Posted: 09 Nov 2005, 21:48
by Billy McCann
lenny wrote:Any other samples if you can remember ??
e.g. Pinkruby. But sometimes samples are better than nothing - Pinkruby is not the most popular band in the world ;)

anyway, I've been thinking (yes, it happens to me from time to time) and maybe those mp3 links you put on the lyrics site should take you straight to the artist you choose.

ah, and still no mp3 is better than one full track (I know it's always better to put two...)?


Posted: 09 Nov 2005, 21:58
by lenny
You're right. But i had to put the word "sample" when it's not a full song.

Also one mP3 is better than nothing for sure :)

And yes i will put the direct link tomorrow !

Posted: 09 Nov 2005, 22:15
by ruby0080

There are some mp3s there of live performances, demos and alternate versions.
Not sure if it qualifies but anyway... I think they're full tracks.

Posted: 09 Nov 2005, 22:18
by Billy McCann
lenny wrote:Also one mP3 is better than nothing for sure :)


Iron & Wine
Genre: Pop/Rock
Similar Bands: Calexico, Elliott Smith, Badly Drawn Boy, Cat Power, Nick Drake
Download Free MP3:
Southern Anthem

Badly Drawn Boy
Genre: Pop/Rock
Similar Bands: Joseph Arthur, Doves, Coldplay
Download Free MP3:
Once Around the Block

I'm sure someone will add some more soon :)

Posted: 09 Nov 2005, 22:21
by Tea
@Billy and Lenny, agree with you guys :) good ideas.

I don't really know Iron & Wine yet. But you can find more mp3's here: ... php?id=403

Posted: 10 Nov 2005, 12:35
by lenny
Thanx it's online !

Posted: 11 Nov 2005, 15:21
by Billy McCann
Regina Spektor
Genre: Pop/Rock
Similar Bands: Tori Amos, Fiona Apple, Rachael Yamagata, The Dresden Dolls
Dowload Free MP3:

Genre: Electronica / Acid Jazz / Downtempo
Similar Bands: Thievery Corporation, Jazzanova, Tr├╝by Trio, Hird
Download Free MP3:
Summer Sun

Posted: 14 Nov 2005, 17:45
by Billy McCann

Posted: 14 Nov 2005, 17:58
by lenny
Done :)

Sorry i was late !

Posted: 14 Nov 2005, 18:14
by Billy McCann
tita tita tu orbita

Genre: Indie/Electro Experimental
Similar Bands: Devendra Banhart, Solex, Joanna Newsom
Download Free MP3:
Good Friday
Noah's Ark