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Posted: Sat 03 Jun 2006, 04h32
by Zee
Herbert - The Movers And The Shakers (Radio Edit): ... (RadioEdit).mp3

*get the full line for the link.

Posted: Sun 11 Jun 2006, 19h51
Morcheeba - Let me see

Posted: Sun 11 Jun 2006, 20h57
Motorpsycho + Jaga Jazzist Horns - Doffen Ah Um

Posted: Tue 13 Jun 2006, 13h18
by Zee
If someone's got some interest on Liz Durrett, check this out:

Husk (live)
Ablaze (live)
November (live) [lyrics already online]
Somewhere (with Vic Chesnutt) [lyrics already online]
Perfect Day (live) [lyrics already online]
Some Say (I Got Devil) [lyrics already online]

You can also listen to both albums + "cup on the counter" single by iTunes.

I hope that who will listen to her enjoys her songs and help AOTR to get the lyrics, because it's too damn hard! :mrgreen:

Posted: Tue 13 Jun 2006, 14h07
by lenny
Done, done, done, done and done :)

Posted: Wed 14 Jun 2006, 12h45
by Zee
Download the Edith Frost's "Demos" whole album:

01 Who
02 Cars and Parties
03 Temporary Loan
04 On Hold
05 One-Chord Complaint
06 Dreamers
07 Walk on the Fire
08 Pony Song
09 Wonder Wonder
10 I Get the Craziest Feeling (Floyd Tillman)*
11 Look What Thoughts Will Do (Lefty Frizzell)*

*With Ryan Hembrey, Jim Becker and Jim White

Get the front cover hereand the back cover here.

Posted: Sun 18 Jun 2006, 13h53
by Lola

Posted: Sun 18 Jun 2006, 14h22
by Lola
Royksopp mp3'zzzzz

Only this moment


What Else Is There Thin White Duke Mix

and just to mention: i have no idea how legal are those links or not...they
seem fine but who knows...i hope that lenny knows ;)

Posted: Mon 19 Jun 2006, 15h18
by Tea
Matthew Herbert - Something Isn't Right:

Posted: Mon 19 Jun 2006, 19h13
by lenny
Pepita i think your links are not valid and legal. Like people who put mp3 on their site...
I will check to be sure.