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Posted: Wed 21 Jun 2006, 10h32
by Lola
lenny wrote:Pepita i think your links are not valid and legal. Like people who put mp3 on their site...
I will check to be sure.

yeah do that if possible..
it looked kind of many of mp3s..on one place..i found much more ..

Posted: Wed 21 Jun 2006, 10h41
by lenny
it's simple just verify the url source. If it's not an official site. Like a label, or official site, or something LEGA like epitonic then it's illegal.

Posted: Mon 26 Jun 2006, 22h56
by Zee
More Mara Carlyle's mp3s for downloading:

Game For Fools
I Blame You Not
Baby Bloodheart
Saw Song

Posted: Fri 30 Jun 2006, 20h16
by lenny
Epitonic seems dead for me ( the links i mean. even on their webpage) i can't download anything anymore :(

Posted: Fri 30 Jun 2006, 20h46
by Zee
lenny wrote:Epitonic seems dead for me ( the links i mean. even on their webpage) i can't download anything anymore :(

I've just checked those links: all of them is named as filenotfound.mp3.

Just forget it... false alert. :x

Posted: Sat 01 Jul 2006, 19h01
by Zee
DJ Cam:
Summer In Paris

The Cinematic Orchestra:
Man With The Movie Camera
Channel 1 Suite
All Things
As I said before, this is an unofficial myspace created by a fan, but this link is at Ninja Tune. All the MP3s are available for downloading and Ninja Tune is probably aware of these downloads; they wouldn't put it online if they weren't.

Posted: Sun 02 Jul 2006, 09h17
by Billy McCann
Tea wrote:Parov Stelar
Genre: Electronica, nu-jazz
Similar bands: Tosca
Download Free MP3:
Phong Temp
+ Mix of the Month and more good stuff here:

+ A Magic Afternoon

Posted: Fri 14 Jul 2006, 11h52
by Tea
Gonzales feat. Feist - Lovertits (Peaches cover)

Posted: Thu 20 Jul 2006, 21h55
by Zee
Corrina Repp - I'll Walk You Out

It's her official myspace, 'cause this link is available at Hush Records.

Posted: Mon 24 Jul 2006, 18h54
by lenny
Done done done done ! Thanx all :)
Except for Dj cam i didn't find the links.

By the way Epitonic is back I guess :D