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Posted: Mon 31 Jul 2006, 17h12
by Zee
Zee wrote:
jose.luizbs wrote:
lenny wrote:Thanx ! No mp3 on Puracane page.

Unfortunately they've removed from their myspace. Too bad...

Now there's another one: Digging Too Deep.

Get it as fast as you can! :wink:

This song is still available for downloading. :wink:

Posted: Mon 07 Aug 2006, 21h28
by Tea

Posted: Wed 09 Aug 2006, 11h08
by lenny
Done ! Thanx Tea and Zee !

Posted: Wed 09 Aug 2006, 11h27
by lenny
Epitonic seems to be dead in fact I didn't realize that the mP3 you saved on hard disk was at 0 :(

Pfff that's sad we did many links to them :(

Posted: Sun 13 Aug 2006, 19h33
by Tea
Herbert - Movie Star

Nils Petter Molvaer - Water and Nebulizer

Posted: Mon 14 Aug 2006, 20h56
by Tea
Nina Nastasia - Bird of Cuzco

Piano Magic feat. Klima - Incurable:

Posted: Wed 16 Aug 2006, 15h43
by Zee
Madeleine Peyroux - Don't Wait Too Long

Posted: Sun 03 Sep 2006, 00h02
by Zee
Petra Jean Phillipson - Cradle Of Your Smile at her MySpace

Posted: Wed 13 Sep 2006, 19h07
by lenny
It's ok now ! (except the madeleine eyroux song not available for downloading in mP3)

Posted: Thu 21 Sep 2006, 15h54
by lenny
Epitonic seems to work again but their javascript sucks.

Any way to convert the javascript link to a direct one ?

try and let me know i already try myself but I failed :(