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Posted: Fri 09 Sep 2005, 22h48
by Tea
Chan Marshall's Muse wrote:And no electronics either. Electronics are usually very disagreeable to my ears. Why are they always in the dance section in shops. Very hard to dance to I would have thought. :?

well, err, I probably missed something here.... but err, not every electronic stuff is for dancing... I mean, there is experimental, indie electronic, IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) and so on. And I hardly imagine someone dancing while listening to say, Mouse on Mars or something.... :)

Posted: Fri 09 Sep 2005, 22h49
by lenny
Yes because he changed his style. But he will never did a best album than the first two. I'm sure you didn't know him.

Trip Hop, Electro, Electronics, ELectro-Jazz, Downtempo, Electro-Rock, Soft-Rock. It' sthe music i love. Rock is boring me most of the time except when the vocalist is original.

Posted: Fri 09 Sep 2005, 22h51
i think rock concept has changed.. .that's it...!!
Electronic is good sometimes...

PS. and downtempo, electronic jazz is nice sound!!!

Posted: Fri 09 Sep 2005, 22h54
by lenny
I guess Chan has to know more of the bands on the lyrics page for example. Cause his vision of music is not very large. You have to know many styles and many differents bands to know exactly what you feel about music.

That's why i said the other day : Open your mind Chan. Try to not listen to chan marshall all the time & when you didn't to all these mainstream rock bands everyone knows and that you can listen everywhere in every place or medias (radio or TV) and try other stuffs ! With Internet you can many many way to listen to music on the selling sites or labels site.

Posted: Fri 09 Sep 2005, 22h56
my bro and i often have the same discussion:: he just listen a few common bands, and he wnats to be a composer... :lol:

Posted: Fri 09 Sep 2005, 23h02
by lenny
Well it's just advices. I'm sure Chan will understand. Most of the bands he's talking about I know them (blues spencer, pavement etc...). These bands are very well known by the mainstream public (it's not a critic ! Common bands doesn't mean shit. They are some great ones, many.).

But He's 19. And as He loves discover new sounds and new artists, i'm sure he will explore many styles (as he ask for some jazz one day). I think he have some bad thoughts on electro. But maybe he will open his mind soon. Will get bored of guitar/bass/drums !

If i had to listen to only rock bands i know (i mean by rock only "guitar" artists and i include cat power), i will be bored and i will not have made this site because it will not be a passion but an enjoyment. Only that. But with all these differents styles music is magic !

Posted: Fri 09 Sep 2005, 23h43
by Chan Marshall's Muse
I have listened to some but it has usually left a bad taste in my mouth. I downloaded Autobahn last week and just sat there bored, like "Where's the enjoyment in this? Am I missing something?"

Electronics are difficult for me, just computer blips. If I ever heard some I liked I would take a deeper interest but I tried listening to this stuff called glitch because I thought it sounded interesting and more indiecentric (minimalism, noise, lo-fi anti-production) but that bored me as well. I just dont get it. Even the "masters" lke Eno and DJ Shadow and Boards of Canada just go shoom over my head, like "whats this shit?" Just like this soulless robot noise or whatever.

Whats to like? I like "Find My Baby" by Moby but thats like a blues song and Portishead use real instruments so they arent electronic. The "Pure" electronics that Ive heard I didnt like. A lot of the people I went to school with were obsessed with it and so I didnt really have anyone to talk about music with. Its hard for me to see the difference between electronics and pretentious experimental shit like Angus MacLise and Lamonte Young.

Whats to like? :?

lenny wrote: Will get bored of guitar/bass/drums !

Never never never. Apart from acoustic guitar/voice there is nothing more traditional than guitar/bass/drums/voice. Its too good and too close to the roots of music for me to get sick of it. Theres nothing purer. There's a reason the Rolling Stones can make music for forty years with guitar/bass/drums/voice. Because its pure.

Posted: Thu 15 Sep 2005, 11h09
by lenny
Thanx Billy & Tea i will add some more artists on the mp3 page. Also :

if you want to HELP me to promote one of the artists on the lyrics page or lyrinks page, just send me something like that please with at least 2 mp3s. 3 will be perfect.

Example :

J e s s e S y k e s
Genre : Acoustic/Rock/Alt-Country
Similar Bands : Neko Case, Nina Nastasia, Marianne Faithfull
Download Free MP3 :
The Dreaming dead => Link 1
Lonely Still => Link 2
Don't let me go => Link 3

Official Site :


Posted: Thu 15 Sep 2005, 11h54
by lenny
Online some more artists on the mp3 page.

For bonobo : I have only one link :

Also for Dj krush too. If you can submit a second one for them please it could be great ( a legal link).

Posted: Thu 15 Sep 2005, 11h56
by Billy McCann
lenny wrote:if you want to HELP me to promote one of the artists on the lyrics page or lyrinks page, just send me something like that please with at least 2 mp3s.

is that also relate to artists not on lyrics or lyrinks page but we find them good enough to be promoted? :)