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Posted: Thu 06 Oct 2005, 15h23
by lenny
But i use the quick reply to write every single replies i did for you on this thread ! So if you didn't see it. I have to find an explanation !

Posted: Thu 06 Oct 2005, 15h26
by Chan Marshall's Muse
This post is the first time Ive ever used it because you cant use emoticons. Its at the bottom of the page isnt it?

Posted: Thu 06 Oct 2005, 18h28
by Not-the-One
I think you can use emoticons with the quick reply. Let me try...


Edit: Yeah it works you just have to know the keys to press for each one.
Note: don't put any spaces.
For example:
:) = : )
:( = : (
;) = ; )
:mrgreen: = :mr green:

Posted: Thu 06 Oct 2005, 18h29
by lenny
You have to know the code of the smiley you wanna use :ahah

Posted: Thu 06 Oct 2005, 19h18
by paolo_g84
lenny wrote:I don't know. I don't mean anything it's the software on the server :)
eh eh eh eh :lol:

Re: [Aotr Statistics] Top Countries !

Posted: Thu 10 Nov 2005, 20h54
lenny wrote:I3. Mexico :shock:

[i'm sorry i know i'm a bit late... :mrgreen: ]
méxico ? therere some guys indeed but they don't post often, do they ? where are they? i just remember one... :roll: "Martin Silenius", i guess and... another that i remember just because of the joke that has in his name (he just post once) "Juan Camaney"


Posted: Mon 06 Feb 2006, 13h29
by erevos
25 greece...well,maybe after i registered we will go up...

Posted: Sat 11 Feb 2006, 18h40
by maja
where is Slovenia? hmmm... lol :D

Posted: Tue 21 Feb 2006, 23h00
by Realsweety
Germany ;)

I think it's cool to talk/chat with so many people from different countries! :D

Posted: Wed 22 Feb 2006, 04h26
i'm in love with Germany !!!