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Big threads

Postby lenny » Sat 05 Nov 2005, 01h03

I wonder what to do with locked big thread ? Keep them locked on the same place and open another one ? Put them in the rubbish and delete all after a week ?

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Re: Big threads

Postby Finula » Sat 05 Nov 2005, 01h04

lenny wrote:delete all after a week ?

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Postby ROSALBA » Fri 18 Nov 2005, 00h42

I do think that delete the thread would be good... i mean, why we would want such a big thread ? HONESTLY ! :roll:
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Postby AppleBlossom » Fri 18 Nov 2005, 07h34

I agree with Rosalba, there is no need to save absolutely everything, it hardly serves any purpose.
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Postby hAgAr » Wed 28 Dec 2005, 14h37

I'd go for an archiv section ofthe forum, if there's space enough on the server. So you can store all discussions older than a week in the archive, and keep them locked there.
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