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What do you think about Huge Htm page ?

Posted: 21 Nov 2005, 11:39
by lenny
Well, some artists, like Kate Bush, Tricky, Tom waits etc... have a lot of lyrics, and the html page is very big.

I mean i always wanted to put everything on one single page cause it's easier for everyone. But sometimes i splitted some artists into two parts cause the html page is too big. I mean more than 100K.

That's why i asked you.

Is it better to split some artists into 2 or 3 parts ?

Posted: 23 Nov 2005, 02:53
Of course. I think you have to manage the page in order to get everything clear, and that's it. I mean, if youre around here searching for some lyrics the best thing u should find would be something like and index to make easier this service.

and yes, if the page is so HUGE you should split it in the necessary pages, that would make easier and useful this site.

Posted: 23 Nov 2005, 20:40
by ruby0080
You could do a page per album I guess with the links to all the albums at the top (as it is now) so it's easy to access other albums.

Posted: 23 Nov 2005, 23:57
yes, i agree, that's agood point... but i dont know how good it would be to have so many pages

Posted: 18 Jan 2006, 05:23
by AmethystinePurlieu
I actually like having all the lyrics on one big page. A lot of the times, I find myself looking for specific words that I faintly remember (maybe from a commercial or a tv show). So I'll do a page search and it'll oftentimes go to the exact song I was looking for. That would be a lot harder with individual pages for each song's lyrics.

But I guess it wouldn't be too bad if the pages were separated by album. In the end would it save bandwidth? On one hand, people are viewing one album worth of lyrics at a time, but on the other hand, people could be jumping back and forth between pages, loading the pages each time. I dunno. :|