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Posted: 03 Jul 2004, 12:30
by ffie
ä :D

Posted: 21 Sep 2004, 10:07
by SuggestivelyTrite
Well I've been 'using' the site on and off for quite some time now, but I just joined your forums and I had no idea this place was 10 years old. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

Posted: 09 Jun 2005, 07:58
by lenny

Posted: 09 Jun 2005, 08:00
by npc
respect! :mrgreen:

Posted: 09 Jun 2005, 08:08
by Billy McCann
eleven sweet years... so where's the birthday party? :majo

Posted: 09 Jun 2005, 08:16
by lenny
A great party with great music :)

Posted: 09 Jun 2005, 08:25
by Finula
oh.. so happy birthday, aotr :D

Posted: 09 Jun 2005, 12:12
by lee_loo
happy birthday AOTR and many many more! :beer

12 YEARS!!!

Posted: 12 Jun 2006, 06:11
by placebrie
Came across this topic and i'm surprised to see that nobody has congratulated you yet on the twelfth birthday of your terrific site!

Lenny & AOTR: it is an honour to be the first one this year to wish you and your site many many more lyrical years to come, luck, inspiration, happiness and indulgences with those ever so necessary periods of lazyness :wink: !! Happy 12th Anniversary! PLease stay on the run for ever!

Posted: 12 Jun 2006, 08:16
by The_Better_end
Well, a bit late, but Happy B-Day AOTR! Lots of good music! :wink: