YOU (yes you!) can help AOTR ! (Job inside!)

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YOU (yes you!) can help AOTR ! (Job inside!)

Postby lenny » Mon 04 Aug 2008, 16h41

I don't think it will be a success, as the forum was firstly creating for new lyrics submissions, corrections, additions and these sorts of things. And as it is not as visited daily as I wished but anyway :

The point is, many people think that the site is made by several persons (saw that a million time while browsing some forums). And no. I'm alone to do that since the beginning, 14 years ago! It's funny to see all these lyrics sites when you type the keyword "lyrics" on search engine, and you can find hundred of clone site which only copy paste via robots fan site and two lyrics site (aotr & songmeaning). No one remember that massive attack lyrics, portishead lyrics, tricky lyrics etc... was made firstly on AOTR. Now every time i put something online it's not exclusive for the site more than 3 days ! Anyway... That's how internet is these days. A big commercial bullshit.

This message is to anyone who can help the site in any way : ideas for the forum, help the site for being more viewed on search engine, help on the graphics to revamp some page, and if someone is really really good, to "remake" the site with databases or things like this. I'm very open for everything. I know the site is hand made. Every single things is "coded" by hand. Every single letter is typing by me, every images is linked handly, everything ! As I'm kinda fast it's not that slow to do but it's not easier as I would like. So if any of you can do a little thing for the site don't hesitate.

That's all. Sorry for my bad english today. I'm a little bit tired ;)

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Postby tony47ch » Sat 27 Dec 2008, 05h56

nice to meet you all.

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Cooooool web!

Postby Black_milk » Sat 24 Jan 2009, 20h23

How Can i write lyrics in here?!! i can help if you want ...
i can give you radiohead , killers , arctic monkeys ... lyrics!

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Re: YOU (yes you!) can help AOTR ! (Job inside!)

Postby lsteamer » Mon 09 Feb 2009, 18h33

I've found with the years that Always on the Run is less of a "Lyrics" site as it is a Music Site.

At first I did came for the lyrics, but I came back to Check new bands, get in the forums and even thou I only lurk I check News and releases.
I've been doing so for almost 10 years now.

I don't know, just keep it up. The site is awesome.

And Check Saltillo's Ganglion!

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Re: YOU (yes you!) can help AOTR ! (Job inside!)

Postby karma » Mon 23 May 2011, 17h34

search engine hummmm

let me fix your meta tags gonna take a bit. gonna have to open a book or 2 over a few days have a busy tommorow

looks like someone else need spell check :P just kidding I am much worse.

I'll see what I can do for you google, msn search etc.... the big ones need cash to get in the top but I may be able to get you in the first page depending on number of visits to your site. and how someone searchs to find there lyrics.

k take care Karma {Adam}

whats up with the cookie you tried to save on my computer? lol send me the code:)

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Re: YOU (yes you!) can help AOTR ! (Job inside!)

Postby karma » Mon 23 May 2011, 20h00

let me know what graphics you need and I need to get some albums of DJ krush, shadow, martina topley bird, lamb and ben harper to get more lyrics for you
poke me If I can help you :)
I hope it doesnt pay well cause I just won the lottery
HAHAHAHHAHA ya right i wish I would be in jamacia right now
Karma {Adam}

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Re: YOU (yes you!) can help AOTR ! (Job inside!)

Postby karma » Tue 24 May 2011, 17h45

someone is bored to tired to transcribe @ the moment

gimme something to do lol gonna be a long week

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Re: YOU (yes you!) can help AOTR ! (Job inside!)

Postby Piperbones Jones » Sat 04 Jun 2011, 18h25

Here are the rest of the lyrics for "Gypsy Faded"....also you want to change the line "this KIND of weather..." not HAND. Thanks for your service.

I don’t feel you anymore
We were holding phantom hands (repeat)

I don’t want stir this all back up
But leavin’ in Vegas proved extra painful for me
It’s easier to deal with things like this when they’re clear
Whereas once I was blind, I can finally see

Like that old saying goes
When you let your bird fly
If she comes back to you
She’s really yours and free
But this time you didn’t come back
So I guess you weren’t mine
I still love you of course
But I let go of the need.

When you…

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