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What is exactly alwaysontherun ?

Posted: Mon 17 May 2004, 11h52
by lenny
As i'm french, lyrics are very important to me to understand. Sometimes it's hard. Even for you, yeah you ! Americans guys !

Well, 10 years ago, just before my mouse met internet, I had many Microsoft Word files with lyrics. For the artists I love. In fact, that wasn't very hard. It was only me typing the lyrics off the booklet. I love to have the entire lyrics for an artist in ONE file. When i connected Internet, I had an idea to put all these lyrics online for me. So I put the 20 artists i had. After that, i plan to search lyric on the internet like portishead, massive attack, tricky, placebo, morcheeba etc... but NO ONE ! That was a shock ! So i decide to make lyrics for these bands. Even if i'm french. I know perfectly that people will correct me. That's how alwaysontherun was born !

In fact, for those who didn't follow the site since the beginning, i was the first to put portishead lyrics online, same for placebo, massive attack, tricky, morcheeba etc... Remeber they wasn't the big bands they are actually. IN 1994 no one known portishead ! It was the first EP only !

After that i saw that every big lyrics sites copy paste the work we did all together. And it continues now. But i really don't care ! Even official site copy paste the works i did ! Exemple ?, etc... Incredible ! How can an official site can copy paste lyrics without checking? They even put the ??? symbol when i didn't understand the line !

Well that's how alwaysontherun began. I received many email to tell me : hey your pages sucks there is no Radiohead lyrics? no Sepultura ? no Britney ? nothing i like ! Yeah th'ats right ! I'm selfish :twisted:
I only put bands i love. Why ? Simply cause i want to have the most complete lyrics for each artist. If i'm not a fan of radiohead for exemple, how can i know there is a new EP with bsides on it ? How could i know if they did a cover song of neil young in a festival etc... So i only put artists i love and artists i will follow 'til i die !

So : No sepultura lyrics :wink:

Posted: Wed 26 May 2004, 17h06
by audrey
Tu me plais bien toi !!!
Vas-y Froggy. Quoique je prefere Frenchy !!

Posted: Wed 26 May 2004, 17h06
by audrey
I wrote that after reading Lenny's description of the site, how it was created etc.

Posted: Fri 30 Jul 2004, 14h29
by joshcoaster
Hello Lenny!

When I found this website i was so excited. I imediately added it to my bookmarks. The first thing that i saw was they extensive, accurrate, and COCISE colllection of bjork lyrics i had ever seen. then i noticed that you had all of my favorite artists. This site is like an exclusive lyrics page with everything i love and a whole bunch of things i have yet to discover.

your site has introduced me to tons of new artists. i don't think it could be any better! its got the lyrics in a simple format perfectly spiced up with pictures!

Thank you tons! and now that i'm registered hopefully i'll see you 'roun the forum.

Please keep up the great work!


Posted: Fri 30 Jul 2004, 15h00
by lenny
Thanx Josh ! It's great to read things like this cuase it's exactly what i wanna do with this site since 94. Discover new music ! With this forum i hope to discover new talents and music i don't know yet. Too bad i can't promote instrumental artists (jazz, electro, etc.. )

Posted: Fri 27 Aug 2004, 16h05
by emsef
Hi Lenny,

Great to read how your site came to be. I foudn this site a few times and forgot it a few times. Most recently I came by again looking for Alpha lyrics.

Keep up the good work, your site it great.


Posted: Sun 12 Dec 2004, 23h41
by hAgAr
This site ROCKS, I was looking for some lyrics of Lamb, because I can understand the meaning, but sometimes you are wrong, and then this site came up from out of the dark. Good music, and high quality lyricks, damn, I like you lenny.
Maybe a section with links to instrumental music, or a forum dedicated to it, I wouldn't mind it and would fully participate

Posted: Thu 15 Sep 2005, 22h17
by furry_socks
Nice to read about the beginnings of it all. Odd too that Portishead was part of the beginning of it all and for me too, 11 years on.

I was into Portishead back in 1994 and I just love singing along - usually in my darkest moments and only for my own pleasure cos nobody else seems to find my singing pleasurable at all ... go figure.

Anyway - I've been singing along for 11 years and only just looked up the lyrics to find out I've been singing mostly the wrong words! Still, I don't mind and I doubt I'll get out of my bad habit of 11 years.

Looks like there is loads to explore here and I'm looking forward to it.

Keep up the good work.

Furry x

Posted: Fri 14 Oct 2005, 19h06
by Chan Marshall's Muse
Found while I for some unknown reason I decided to have a quick look at the Lenny Kravitz page.

"Kravitz's heartbreak was very evident in his sophomore effort, Mama Said, which was even stronger than its predecessor, highlighted by the Led Zep-like funk rocker "Always on the Run" (a collaboration with Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash), as well as the mega hit with the Curtis Mayfield-esque soul ballad "It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over," which confirmed that Kravitz's success was no fluke."

Does this mean that this site is named after a Lenny "Jimi Hendrix reborn" Kravitz song?

Posted: Fri 14 Oct 2005, 23h06
by lenny
Jimi hendrix reborn. You have some nice reading.
Nice to be influenced by those critics.

To reply to your question : Yes.