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Posted: Sun 11 Jun 2006, 20h48
by g├╝ldeniz
heeey wont you say welcome to turkish guests??????ı love chris martin very much too but when will they come to turkey!!!!!!!!!! :D

Posted: Sun 11 Jun 2006, 23h05
by lenny
pepita wrote:i just went trough lyrincs page little bit and noticed you don't have all of the artist linked so i was wondering do you plan to, are you still searching for
the links or are there higher forces in question that are beyond my understanding? :)

Still on the way. If you can help for some don't hesitate. I'm a bit lazy. (a beautiful picture + official page + lyrics links + fan page great page etc...)

Posted: Mon 12 Jun 2006, 23h37
by Lola

official pixies pages at their label 4ad:

don't think this is official but it is great: this site in section links there are several links to fan sites so i didn't copy
pasted and if they are not enough we could find something else..

and i liked this fan site very much also:

those first two sites have also pic's sections,
but here is another one i found,something like first try :D

Posted: Tue 13 Jun 2006, 09h16
by The_Better_end

about Radiohead
the official site:

as one of the best and complete sites i should recomend

and if someone's interested in Stanley Donwood (the man that makes Radiohead's artwork since "The Bends") -

and maybe :wink: the official site about Thom Yorke's album...

Posted: Tue 13 Jun 2006, 17h44
by Peking Saint
Nirvana is the official website, I'm guessing.

There are also fan clubs such as

Posted: Tue 13 Jun 2006, 17h48
by Peking Saint
Frank Zappa is the official website.

Posted: Tue 13 Jun 2006, 18h48
by lenny
Peking Saint wrote:Frank Zappa is the official website.

Thanx but in fact, it's not that difficult to find official site... If you wanna help for one artist, please fidn the best links as for the other artists linked.

Posted: Wed 14 Jun 2006, 04h19
by McYavell
I would prefer your first idea (2 distinct pages, lyrics & lyrinks). I love this site : it made me discover some artists like Sarah Slean or Beth Orton. I don't think useful to overcharge the lyrics page. I suggest the lyrinks page for bands like Led Zep, Bob Marley (move them with the Stones) who don't need to be promote and the lyrics page for the anonymous ones. But I'm not sure you will be ready to move Lenny :D

Posted: Wed 14 Jun 2006, 08h56
by Anonissimus
I can only but advertise a little more
Every possible artist has it's own "group" with a forum, so most of the times you can find a fan who is willing to hep you out.

Posted: Wed 14 Jun 2006, 10h01
by lenny
Actually both pages are separate. I will not mix them. Also led zep has to be online cause i love them ! The lyrinks page is here for bands i love too but are instrumentals or mainstream like nirvana for example. But anyway you're right, i will not put a new section on the lyrics page for a band too famous. Too big section for nothing lyrics are everywhere ! (well anyway lyrics will be everywhere for any bands i put online cause thy copy paste everything i put online since a long LONG time !