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From 1981-87, Sidsel worked as singer and co-writer in Jon Eberson Group. Together they released five CDs and won two Norwegian "Grammy" awards. From 1989: Sidsel signed to the German label ECM Records, where she released two solo CDs - "So I Write" (1990) and "Exile" (1994) which won her much critical acclaim internationally. Both CDs in collaboration with Django Bates, Jon Christensen and Nils Petter Molvær, plus additional musicians on "Exile" David Darling and Bugge Wesseltoft. From 1993: Duo with keyboardist Bugge Wesseltoft, released two CDs - "Nightsong" and "Duplex Ride", both on Curling Legs/ACT. "Duplex Ride" won them the Norwegian "Grammy" for 1998. New release on Jazzland/Universal: "Out here. In there.", March 2002. 1995-1999: Free improvising vocal trio ESE, together with Elin Rosseland and Eldbjørg Raknes. The trio wrote commissioned pieces for Vossa Jazz 1996, NRK 1997 and released the CD "GACK" (Jazzland/Kemistri 1999) 2000-2002: Solo project "Undertow" (Jazzland Rec. 2000), together with Audun Kleive, Patrick Shaw Iversen, Roger Ludvigsen, Bugge Wesseltoft and Nils Petter Molvær. Nominated for the Norwegian Grammy award 2000. Extensive touring in Norway and Europe. From 1999: Collaboration with composer Rolf Wallin. Soloist and co-composer in the one-woman-opera "Lautleben" (performed at Ultima 1999, Festspillene i Bergen 2000, Stockholm 2001 and in UK, 2001) 2000: Wrote music for Runi Langum's film "Expedition". Sidsel has fronted a number of her own groups and worked with a large number of Norwegian and international jazz musicians. She has worked within a wide range of musical genres, including contemporary music, multimedia performances, - soloed with choir and symphonic music, - collaborated with other Norwegian poets and worked extensively with the voice as solo instrument. Sidsel has written music for several theatre-and dance-performances since 1990, been festival composer for Molde Int. Jazz festival 1993, Bergen "Nattjazz" 2002 - toured and participated in festivals in Scandinavia and Europe, been awarded several Norwegian Music Awards, among others 3 Norwegian Grammies, the "Buddy Award" 2001 (Norwegian Jazz Association's highest award) as well as being nominated for The Nordic Council Music Award 2000. She has released 13 records and participated as sidewoman on a number of other releases. Sidsel also teaches at The Norwegian State Academy of Music.

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